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Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents in Arizona

Trucks, semi-trucks, and other large commercial vehicles represent a large portion of traffic throughout Arizona. Arizona serves as a major transportation center for different trucking companies due to its proximity to the border. Unfortunately, due to the size, weight, and potentially hazardous material on-board during a trucking accident, the injuries may be severe. Receiving experienced and personalized representation directly from an experienced Arizona trucking law firm is important.

Frequently asked questions about truck accidents in Arizona

The findings of a police report are not final. If the police officer puts some of the faults with you, it does not mean it is correct. If you are not at fault, a good lawyer will be able to help gather evidence to show the police report is incorrect.

If the report does put you partially at fault, you are still entitled to compensation. Your compensation will be reduced by the amount of fault you are assigned. If your case is worth $10,000.00 and you are assigned 50% of the fault, you will receive $5,000.00.

NEVER sign a release without having a lawyer review it. If you are signing a release, it means you are dismissing your chance for any further compensation. It is a binding contract that will end or limit what you are owed. Insurance companies will try and get you to sign a release very early on to avoid paying anything in the future. However, until you see a doctor or have your injuries fully treated, you will not know the extent of your damages. Additionally, if you signed a release, it may limit the amount of money to pay for your car damage. ALWAYS consult with a lawyer before signing any kind of release.

YES! Truck drivers are held to a higher standard than your average driver. Also, trucking companies are required to ensure their vehicles are safe for travel. If the truck driver or company violates any of these laws, it may dramatically change the prospects of your case.

For example, a truck driver is permitted to drive for 11 hours a day, working no more than 14 hours a day, including non-driving time. These hours are tracked on driver logs that are subject to inspection. The purpose of this law is to prevent tired/drowsy truck driving. A good lawyer will be able to track down the driver logs and show if the driver or company is in violation.

Truckers and their companies have legal requirements to meet to drive on the road. A lawyer will help you know if the truck and/or the company violated any of these requirements. And, the lawyer will know how to gather the evidence to show the violations.

Sometimes, it is necessary to have a truck inspected for any deficiencies, unsafe conditions, and/or poor maintenance. A lawyer can hire an expert in the trucking industry to inspect and document the condition of the truck and any potential violations. And, the lawyer can make sure this inspection occurs before the truck is repaired or totaled. If not handling immediately, important evidence may be altered or lost. A good lawyer will make sure that doesn’t happen.

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