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Do you think you have received the wrong medical treatment or diagnosis in Arizona?

If you believe that you have received a misdiagnosis or received treatment that led to a major injury, the consequences can be devastating. At Rasmusen Injury Law we evaluate your Arizona medical malpractice injury case at no cost. Our attorneys will study your case and determine what your options and your rights are.

Frequently asked questions about medical malpractice in Arizona

To claim medical malpractice, a doctor must fall below the standard of care of a doctor/medical provider in the same field/position of work. There are risks to most, if not all, medical procedures. And, unfortunately, some risks lead to injuries or adverse consequences. That does not mean the doctor committed malpractice. But, if the doctor did something or failed to do something that a reasonable doctor would not have done in that situation, then it could result in malpractice. A medical expert opinion is necessary to establish if the doctor committed malpractice. A lawyer will help you find a doctor to examine your case and provide an opinion as to whether the medical provider at issue fell below the standard of care.

Many, if not all medical procedures, have risks. And sometimes, the risk presents itself with adverse consequences. Just because the risk of a procedure occurred in your case does not mean a doctor fell below the standard of care. To determine if an adverse effect of your medical procedure is just a risk or malpractice by a doctor, speak with a lawyer immediately to seek out the opinion of another medical provider.

The traditional statute of limitations/time frame to file a medical malpractice claim is two (2) years. However, in situations of medical malpractice, learning about the potential malpractice may not arise until many months or years after the malpractice occurred. In that situation, the victim has two (2) years to claim from the time they learned or should have known about the potential malpractice.

For example, if you have surgery and do not start to notice adverse effects for 3 years, your time frame/statute of limitations will start at that 3rd year. From there, if you consult with a doctor after those three years and he/she says the surgeon did something wrong, you have two (2) years from that opinion to bring a malpractice claim.

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